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Trendsetter Musiq


Music have not been the same. Music at one point was a point of reference for relationships, freedom, identity, building or inspiring the hearts of humanity, and many more. The creativity behind music was intentional for the better good. What do we see today is not creativity or we don't hear music, we hear and see money. 

Trendsetter Musiq is here to shift and go against the culture with the music that's being displayed throughout the world. It's important that we force writers to be intentional about their content and we help rebuild artists that are great beyond just talking about money, sex and drugs. 

Ramces goal is to be an inspirational writer, producer and singer that will help produce amazing hit songs throughout the world displaying healthy images that not only children can watch but also restore communities and families. Nothing is greater than seeing people come together because of the lyrics and the rhythm that's being displayed in a song. It is time to bring back the authentic sounds and new trend of music and culture. Trendsetter Musiq! 


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