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Who Are We?

IN/THE/MIRROR is an entertainment and film company based in Orlando, Florida. ITM offers a variety of services.  Whatever you're in need of, our company will provide it for you. You have the choice to pick whatever host you desire. Any event you can think of we are equipped for it. Weddings, corporate events, fashion shows, behind the scenes movies, showers and many more. You can hire the entertainer you know that will fit your event. All entertainers carry such a profound unique gift that will meet the expectation of any event they are a part of. You can choose what product or services best fit your BIG Day. Redcarpet hosting or Emceeing the reception. This is all for you as we ensure that you will experience the fullness of your BIG DAY vision.


Our film and photography focus on highlighting your event and capturing the most unique moments that will you breathless. 


In/The/Mirror is focused on building and creating phenomenal experiences. Our expectations are built on the value of what our clients dream of.  No matter who you or what event we are a part of, we make sure we create new memories that our clients will never forget and find joy in. 


"Your Experience Matters."

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Image by Adeolu Eletu
Film Set
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Image by Austin Chan
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Fall Fashion
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Image by MD Duran
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